You can bet this storm will be named (i.e. called many names).

02719: 2/8/2013: The Lizard in Fairhaven, at least that’s what Les Nessman said.

The light snow fluffed into the backyard around 0830 EST. By 0900, it had acquired the determination of a near horizontal flight path.
The fire wood waits within. Let’s hope the power lines stand up to the wind.


The following unsolicited comment has been included to add perspective.
“Get your updates in now. Due to the storm, The Facebook status update ban begins at noon.”

The Reply: You’d like that! The really caring subscribers, especially those in warmer locations get a laugh at the expense of the snow bound. Reports will stop when the power goes out in the neighborhood and in my aching arms and back.


At 1050, 33 degrees air temperature, snow occasionally driven at 45 degrees relative to ground. The grass is beginning to look as much white as green. Asphalt is still black. Cement clings to the snow.

Cleared snow-blower for action. It stands by its fuel.

We wait.

1235 EST, 34 degrees F. Wind persists out of the east at a 45 degree angle relative to the ground. Don’t know the MPGs. Only the tips of the grass blades continue to show, other than in a wind shadow. The cement walk is white. The roads still show their true colors. The tips of green grass blades defy the white accumulation.
1335 EST. Report of the first power failure of the Lizard of 2013 (a tribute to Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati), the battery in my mystic Logitech Mouse just died. Perhaps some of you are trying to tell me something. I have hearing aids for a reason.
Meanwhile, back to the storm: as predicted, the snow is wet and heavy. If you plan to shovel, do it early and often. My broom (not a witches broom, this isn’t Salem) fought valiantly, but not as effectively as against dry, granular powder. The wet stuff has coated the east side of my trees. The temperature holds at 34 degrees; the snow blow angle remains 45 degrees. Be careful out there (A tribute to Michael Conrad/Sgt. Esterhaus in Hill Street Blues).