About this page….

Thank you for visiting and sharing your comments. I’d also appreciate your advice on improving this relatively new page.

My name is Don Mulcare. I’m on permanent vacation (retired) after doing 35 to life in a state institution (The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as a professor of biology.)

Retirement is a chance to do something else, especially the things that could not happen while working full time. The vegetable garden has fewer weeds and more vegetables. The compost heap runs hot and heavy. Travel is more practical and writing can change from occasional articles, lab handouts and letters of recommendation to fiction, book reviews and comments on travels.

Life is an adventure. That includes broken arms and making mistakes. It is better to learn from the adventure than dwell on the downside.

God Bless!

5 thoughts on “About this page….

  1. What’s your favorite branch of science?

    Were you a Mr. Wizard fan?

    For some reason, science was never taught in my grade school. Never took Biology in high school, but majored in it in college and graduate school.

    You definitely have mastered the science of Blogging.

    God Bless,


  2. Hey Don!

    I was thinking about you today, as I looked out at the Coyle Cassidy parking lot and saw those beautiful trees you selected, which were simply radiant in color for our annual open house. Oh, and by the way, I still wear some of your hand-me-down ties once in a while. I hope this message finds you well!

    Tom Eddlem

    • Great hearing from you, the trees and the ties. I’m reviewing books for fun if not for profit. Most of them could serve the CCHS “summer” or other reading programs.

      God Bless,


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