V-J Day/ Paratrooper Padre poem

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Pacific Paratrooper


by: Peter S. Griffin

copied in full from Paratroopers of the 50’s, http://home.hiwaay.net/~magro/poemsww2.html

In loving memory of Monsignor Francis L. Sampson, Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army (2/29/12 – 1/28/96)

001 (746x562)

Father Francis L. Sampson,a man of the cloth
The PARATROOPER PADRE, his mission, not a soul lost…!
An elite soldier, who jumped from the sky,
A faithful companion, for one who might die…
The Paratrooper’s greatest fear,
The Angel of Death, oh so near…!
“Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition,”
An accurate description of the combat condition…!
Hungry, tired, dirty, pushed to the edge,
Praying to God, dodging bullets of lead…
Facing death at every turn,
God’s saving grace, the soldier does yearn…!
But there’ one comfort, he surely does know,
By his side, the PARATROOPER PADRE, wherever he goes…
Offering encouragement, dispelling confusion,
Comforting the wounded, granting absolution…
A shining example, for all who…

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One thought on “V-J Day/ Paratrooper Padre poem

  1. Don, I am very happy that you felt the tribute to the Paratrooper Padres was worth re-blogging. I hope your readers will enjoy it and learn to respect their work as much as you and I do. Thank you.

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