Historic Gardens at Annapolis Royal

Beauty, both natural and artistic…takes your breath away.

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Pink rose at Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Historic Gardens at Annapolis Royal are most famous for their roses which, unfortunately, were only just beginning to bloom when I visited in early June – but there was still plenty to enjoy. There are 17 acres of garden featuring plant collections and displays which contribute to an understanding of the past of the region from a horticultural perspective. It is a tranquil place full of interest and beauty. Almost 2,000 rose bushes of over 200 cultivars are the scented summer highlight.

The gardens include a replica of a 17th Acadian dwelling and kitchen garden; whilst away from the neatly ordered flower beds, lawns and ponds, a board-walk takes visitors through old stands of Norfolk Reeds to the wilder environs of the tidal River Allain valley. A dyke constructed using traditional Acadian methods allows visitors to explore further into the valley with its salt marsh flora and reed-bordered water…

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