Georgios – Hidden Heritage, by A. K. Frailey


Ann Frailey
Author, A.K. Frailey Books


Georgios was destined for greatness―at least that is what his grandparents told him, his father assured him, and his mother had left embedded in his heart. Living on the island of Patmos in the year 100 A.D. surrounded by the Aegean Sea, he knew the world through Greek eyes, but he also knew there was more to life than a home built on rock. At the age of thirteen, Georgios takes an unexpected voyage, almost murders his first real friend, gets waylaid by Celtic traders, and inadvertently discovers the truth about his father. What he learns horrifies him, forcing him into a decision and an adulthood, he is not ready for. In facing his father honestly, Georgios finds the strength to accept his grandfather’s vision and is thrust into the most dangerous adventure of all.

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Family friendly, historical fiction.


“In knowing him so you know Me,


In serving him so you serve Me,


In loving him so you love Me,


For I am in every heartbeat, every breath,


every hope, and every death.


In grief you are born,


But in forgiveness you overcome,


Your life begins,


With God’s love for His Son.

“Interesting, factual, well-researched…an inspiring tale for young and old.” -Ellen Gable Hrkach – President of The Catholic Writers Guild

“A wonderful story of adventure and courage…” Lu Cortese, President of St. Joseph Radio – I.H.S. Productions


“My children love this author!”  – Anne Houseal Retired Army Colonel, Alaskan, wife and mother of four

Family, rebellion, fierce battles and adventure…something for all readers. Ann Stock, Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry


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