Dust Angel, by Jutta Profijt


Jutta Profijt steps out of her Morgue Draw mode to follow Dusseldorf resident, and account manager Corinna Leyendecker, age thirty-one, as her world collapses about her. Deemed redundant by her advertising agency employer, Corinna successively loses her boyfriend, apartment and social network. Forced aboard the numbing treadmill of job interviews, she discovered an entrepreneurial niche waiting to be filled.

Corinna’s apparent desolation and isolation, as many of the newly unemployed may realize, had freed her of the unrealized oppression of her job, relationship and her self-depreciating attitude. She sought solace, but not refuge in her family. With their support she launched her new career.

The only being to follow Corinna from her previous place of employment was a bright-red haired Troll, one of the “creatives” in the advertising world. She was particularly savvy in campaign strategy and technology. For reasons not immediately apparent, she educates Corinna and directs her through a successful launch of her business. Troll is anything but conventional. Corinna endures several embarrassing situations, but finds that Troll can be trusted, well sort of. If Troll’s “unique” approach to the launch didn’t provide sufficient embarrassment, the author took a few pages from her Morgue Draw sketch book to send Corinna into a major panic.

Jutta Profijt created sympathetic characters and true to form reveals her dedication to detail as she weaves her story through the local geography, social-services system, and business particulars. The author shows how those who seem to lose everything can go back to their roots and regrown new stems. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any new translations of Jutta Profijt’s work.


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