An American Down Under: 20 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia

Hot Mess Goes To OZ

Within the past 10 months,I have been able to compile a reasonable amount of changes that have accompanied my life since moving toAustralia. Moving to a different country is going to bring plenty of additions, revisions, and variationsto ones life, some for the good, and some well… for the bad. Though, obviously not everyone will relate to everything on this list (especially since Iam the one writing this) Overall, I think this list paints a clear enough picture.

Here are the main ways and thingsthatimpact your lifewhen moving from Americato Australia

Working Environment

The working environment in Australia is something I cannot compare to any atmosphereI have worked in at home. Here, I do not worry that my boss is going to freak out if I am running 10 minutes late. They do not care if you are taking a bit longer on your lunch break. No one is…

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