Virtual Tour of Historical America Begins

Theresa Linden

Where should a tour of Historical America begin?

Norse sailors explored parts of North America, like Greenland and Canada. Spanish explorers, specifically Christopher Columbus, discovered the New World in 1492, and Spanish missionaries established missions in California as early as 1697. The Russians, Swedes, Dutch, and Danish-Norwegians also laid claim to various parts of North America. Attempts to establish an English colony in the New World began in 1585 on Roanoke Island. But those attempts ended in failure, the first colonists returning home, and the second group actually disappeared.

In 1607, however, the London Company founded a colony in the New World that finally took root. One hundred and five people arrived that May. Seven months later, due to malnutrition, low supplies, attacks by the natives, and disease, only thirty-two remained.Somehow they survived and grew.

Our tour starts here, in Jamestown, Virginia, because this is where the story begins for our country…

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