Virtual Tour Goes to North Carolina: Freedom and Slaves

Travel while never leaving home.

Theresa Linden

Okay, a bit of reality here. As I sat writing this blog, I heard the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering in our half bath, followed by the sound of buckets of water splashing to the floor. I jumped up to find everything wet: walls, floor, sink, toilet. Everything. Bolting upstairs, I found the bathroom directly over the half bath flooded. One of my boys informed me that it’s raining in the basement, too. Great. I am soooo ready for a vacation!

So, after cleaning up the mess and making a frantic phone call to the hubby, we’re back on track!

AIRMKT-Classic-Macadamia-530896-F2B-FLATTENED Even has a full kitchen!

Can't wait to collapse on that couch! Can’t wait to collapse on that couch!

Since we will be doing a bit of virtual traveling across the state, we decide to rent a recreational vehicle. We settle for an Airstream. The saying on their website speaks to me. “See more. Do more. Live more.”

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