A Future Without Family: Interview with Chasing Liberty Author Theresa Linden

Carolyn Astfalk

Chasing Liberty Cover

I’m thrilled to share this interview with author Theresa Linden. I highly recommend her debut novel, Chasing Liberty. You can find it on Amazonas well as my review.

I love the title Chasing Liberty and the name of its sequel, Testing Liberty. They are succinct and carry a dual meaning given your main character’s name, Liberty. Were the titles difficult to come up with or did they come about with the story idea?

My original working title was different. As the story developed, the title Chasing Liberty just made sense. It fit in so many ways. The main character, Liberty, is chasing her own freedom. She is also being chased, hunted throughout the story by the doctor who oversees the Breeder Facility where Liberty is supposed to go.

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