Manuscripts in the works.

Manuscripts in the works
Is there a critique group out there that would welcome any of these developing novels?
They each run over 50,000 words at the moment. I’d welcome the perspective of other writers. Thanks for your consideration.
1) The Parish Council: Conflicts in a parish council do not lead to murder, but come very close. After they rig the parish  elections and a new curate comes to town, the upstart council members upset well-entrenched agendas on their way to pumping life into their parish.
2) Snapped Mackerels- The case of the Spandex Ninja: The chief suspect in a series murders in and around a Catholic High School, has to rely for his alibi on the Mayo twins, known as scoundrels, the last persons on earth that you would want to bring into court on your behalf. A bond develops between the suspect, the twins, and a cute NYPD detective. This 90K word MS awaits a verdict by a publisher.
3) “Misfitzu” takes place at a zoo overseen by an ex-con who identifies with the zoo inmates. The return of the hero’s former partners in crime strengthens his close relationship with his zoo buddies.
4) The First Sunday in Lent: An overworked monk tries to run his parish, teach at the local Benedictine college, resolve problems in his extended family as well as solve the mystery of a recently discovered painting by a famous artist. This all happens with an attempted murdered stalking the neighborhood.
5) October Pilgrimage: A divorced mother brings her teen daughter, kicking and screaming on a pilgrimage to Assisi. They meet three Franciscan nuns who bring Francis to life for mother and daughter.
6) Nastymon: A grumpy guy learns he has three to six months to live. He and his family begrudgingly attempt an almost impossible reconciliation.
7) El Segador and the Girl with the Graphing Calculator-The Case of the Seven Sisters: a sequel to Snapped Mackerels. While the Mayo Twins fear retaliation by the Spandex Ninja, they cross paths with two mob bosses, endangering plans to attend the police academy.

6 thoughts on “Manuscripts in the works.

  1. How do you find time to write in between lectoring, Eucharistic ministering, finance meeting, gardening, snow plowing, cooking, chasing bunnies and baking cookies???
    Pat K.

  2. Hi Don!

    I’m Cathy Gilmore and I’m a Guild member and I’m working on creating a platform from which catholic authors can be found by the Catholic audience better.
    Prototype website:
    I’d really like to talk to you and get your advice as a book reviewer as I develop it!
    Could you email or call me?


  3. I forgot that this existed until Cathy Gilmore commented. The updated version is still accurate. The Catholic Writers guild has an excellent critique group that has helped me make some progress,

    • How’s Hawthorne, NJ?

      It’s great to hear from you. Do you consider me a fossil? I feel like one. My two seasons at Kiwago were among the happiest days of my life. Met Rich Roughgarden from Hawthorne. I’ve since touched his name on the Vietnam War Memorial. Another NJ name on the wall is Eleanor G. Alexander. She lived on my street in Ozone Park, but her family moved to NJ. She’s one of the 8 women memorialized on the wall.

      How you doing?

      Wishing you a Joyful Christmas!!!

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